GAIA  Earth Mother

Long ago before the first human
Before the first tree
Her life began
She breathes and growes,
blood rushes through her veins.
She can feel pain
She can feed us, when we are hungry
Heals us when we are sick
She has the power to give us energy
The power to make us smile
She is not human
She is the Earth

There is a reason, why we call her GAIA - Earth Mother

(source unknown)

This beautiful poem inspired me for this series. With this series, I want to show the beauty and at the same time vulnerability of our planet.


A search for the roots of my existence, the Linden tree. In ancient times, the linden tree was regarded as a sacred tree by the Celts and the Germanic people. The goddess Freya is said to have settled in it. The spirit of the lime tree was seen as a protector of houses, wells and churches.
The lime tree was also considered a ‘good tree’. Justice was administered by the Vierschaar and other ceremonies were held there, such as weddings; the lovers’ thumbs were pressed into the bark. (ongoing – started in 2019)


We are accustomed to making immediate “contact” with the eyes of the person being portrayed. In this series, the hands make the first contact with the observer and tell the story. (2017-2018)