Gerjo te Linde





Fine Art pictorialist & self-taught photographer  (NL 1964)


After he came into contact with the historical wet plate collodion process in 2015, his view on photography has clearly changed. Since then his work has become about personal subjects as well as social themes.

Creating unique art is not only a reflection on himself but also how he values our modern society.

Using the ancient wet plate collodion process he engraves the light into pure silver, just as his ancestors of the 19th century did. 

In the handmade images you can witness the soul and feel the energy of the subject. Because of the slow process, any masquerade disappears by itself.

Although the pictures are made in the present tense, it feels as if they are surpassing reality, and therefore become timeless and universal. Almost perfect through imperfection.

'pure Art, captured in pure Silver'